Two Exercises for Training the Calf Leg


Training the Calf Leg

Calf Workout
Training the Calf Leg

Calf Workout Scheme

  • Rises on socks while sitting – 4-5 sets in high repetitive mode.
  • Rises on socks sitting – a triple drop set.
  • Rest.
  • Standing Raise on toes – 1 warm-up set + 4 sets of 8-10 reps in full amplitude.
  • Raise on toes – 1 set of half-lifts in the upper part of the amplitude, 15-25 repetitions.

What is the difference between standing calf raises and sitting calf raises?

Answer: It is not surprising that there is a rather noticeable difference between the training of the lower legs while sitting and standing, the whole point here is how exactly the lower leg muscles work in these positions. Beginners often choose the wrong exercises to achieve their goals, because they do not know the anatomy of the muscles. The tibia consists mainly of 2 large muscles: the calf muscle, which is clearly visible, gives the appearance and volume, soleus muscle which lies under the calf muscle, giving the thickness of your lower leg. When you do toe raises standing, the calf muscle works effectively. When you sit, a knee bent at an angle eliminates the calf muscle from work, thereby loading the soleus.