Trarget Your ABS | Upper-Lower-Obliques – Part1


6-week ab workout programme to get rid of belly fat for good

upper lower abs

We’re all for getting fitter and stronger, bring you a downloadable 6-week ab workout programme that will help you on your way to a flat tummy and a super strong core.

This ab workout programme is especially effective because it combines cardio with the ultimate flat tummy exercises: a whole range of different kinds of planks. And the best thing? You can do all of these stomach exercises at home!

Everything you need to know to make the most of this 6-week ab workout programme

  • Each week requires a certain amount of high-intensity cardio. You can choose whatever you’d like to do, whether it’s running on the treadmill or outdoors, using a stepper, cycling or skipping. As long as you follow the intensity of the workout.
  • If you can’t complete your planks for a certain day, hold them for as long as you can and then repeat the same exercises the next day until you can hold them for the required amount of time. This will make your ab workout program longer than 6 weeks, but it will be worth it!
  • Don’t ignore rest days. Although it’s tempting, they are important for allowing your body to recover, and without them you could injure yourself or fail to progress.
  • Remember if you’re really serious about getting rid of belly fat, combining these stomach exercises with a reduced calorie diet or a few of these weight loss tips will speed up the process.

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