The Best Abs Exercises


You can perform all the exercises in a row for a good workout of the abs muscles or choose several suitable ones and include them in your workout.

The Best Abs Exercises
The Best Abs Exercises

To whom it suits: the training is quite intense, so it will be very difficult for those who crawled onto the exercise mat directly from the sofa. The rest is worth a try.

Inventory: without inventory.

How to do this workout?

Perform the specified number of sets and repetitions of each exercise sequentially, resting 45-60 seconds between sets.

Perform the entire complex 3-4 times a week with one-day breaks.

You can also choose your favorite exercises and do them after cardio workouts or add them to your usual strength training set.

Cycle: Perform sequentially one approach of each exercise from the complex, without interruptions. After completing the exercises, repeat the cycle again – performing one approach of each exercise without interruption. Continue until the total set number of approaches has been completed.

Strength: Complete all exercise approaches at a time, intermittently. Then continue to the next exercise.

Superset: Two exercises are performed sequentially (as a cycle) without interruption.