Target Upper Chest | Guide


Chest Exercises

Developed pectoral muscles are extremely important for men.

Pecs Target Upper Chest

Bench press

Lie on a bench with your feet wider than your shoulders and feet parallel to each other. Remove the bar from the racks, holding it with a grip two palms wider than the shoulders. Flatten your shoulder blades and place the barbell over the middle of your chest. Taking a breath, in a controlled way lower the bar to the bottom of the chest and, exhaling, return to the starting position.
Important: while lowering the bar, spread your elbows to the sides – this will increase the degree of participation of the chest in the exercise.

Incline bench press

Lie on a bench, putting your legs like a bench press lying on a horizontal. Grasp the bar with a grip slightly narrower than the grip in the horizontal bench press. Keeping the shoulder blades, while inhaling, lower the bar down, slightly touching the chest in the area of ​​the clavicle. Exhaling, squeeze the bar to its original position.
Important: keep your hands in line with the forearms, not allowing them to bend.

Three facts about the breast that you did not know

1. The greatest likelihood of rupture of the pectoral muscles occurs in the age range from 20 to 30 years. The reason is an ardent ego! Most of these injuries occur during an attempt to push excess weight in isolation exercises. Do not forget about the help of the insurer!

2. Strong chest muscles are one of the causes of stoop. By persistently training your chest and forgetting the principle of balanced training, sooner or later you will begin to look like a quasimodo pumped in places. The shortened chest muscles will reduce your shoulders, outgrowing and weakening the muscles of the middle and upper back. To counteract this, stretch your chest at the end of each workout and do not forget about traction movements.

3. By training your chest, you improve your abs. Besides jokes! The pectoral muscles are one of the first muscles to lose volume during breaks in the classroom. It’s just that in ordinary life you practically do not make movements similar to a dumbbell bench press on incline. And the loss of any muscles always negatively affects the speed of the main metabolism and, as a result, the visibility of the notorious “Abs” cubes.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Take a starting position similar to a bench press lying on an inclined position. Take dumbbells in your hands, placing them on the sides of your chest, unfold the vultures in one line. Gently squeeze the weight up, almost completely connecting the dumbbells to each other at the top point. Hold the pause and return to the starting position.
Important: for maximum results, the trajectory of the dumbbell should be straight and not arched.

Strength boost

Athletes using the wave-like periodization method increase the strength twice as much as those who use the same ratio of sets and reps at each training session.

Fulfillment: do these three complexes sequentially, resting between each at least one day.

  • Training 1 Bench press (4 sets of 4-6 repetitions). Bench press on an inclined (4 * 4-6). Rest between sets – 90 sec.
  • Workout 2 Bench press with one hand standing (3 * 10-12). Dumbbell bench press on an incline (3 * 10-12). Rest between sets – 60 sec.
  • Training 3 Push-ups on the uneven bars (2 * 15-20). Push-ups from the floor (2 * 15-20). Rest between sets – 30 sec.

Speed ​​exercise

Combining in one set of three exercises not only saves your time, but also triples the period the muscles are under load. And this is the main reason for their growth.
Fulfillment: combine the exercises in the triset as follows – bench press lying or bench press on an inclined bench (4-6 repetitions); bench press with one hand standing on a block or dumbbell bench press on an incline (10-12); push-ups on the uneven bars or push-ups from the floor (15-20). Resting for 60 seconds. after each triset, do them four times. Use this method twice in the training “week”, resting between each training session for at least three days.


Grasp the bars in the place where their width slightly exceeds the width of your shoulders. Having straightened your arms and bent your legs, slightly tilt the body forward. Get down, spreading your elbows to the sides. Without pausing, return to the starting position.
Important: to reduce the risk of injury to the shoulder joint, go down no lower than the level when your shoulders become parallel to the floor.


Put your feet together, and hands a little wider than the shoulders and place the body in line with the legs. Bending your arms, go down, touching the floor with your chest, but not with your knees or stomach. Powerfully move back to the starting position.
Important: if you want to complicate your life – keep a second pause at the bottom of the push-ups.

The hardest exercise with your own weight

Do it in the middle or end of each workout after a thorough workout. Wiring with emphasis on fitballs: set a pair of balls in front of you and place your forearms on them, placing them parallel to each other. Straighten your legs and put your body in line with your legs. Without changing the position of the forearms, go down, spreading your shoulders to the sides. Putting your shoulders together, return to the starting position.