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What exactly is a “Six pack?”

Sixpack Home Workout
Sixpack Home Workout

A “six pack,” of course, is not a scientific term. What it really refers to is the rectus abdominis, or the outer band of stomach muscle that connects your rib cage with your pelvis. Typically, people with visible rectus abdominis muscles also have visible external oblique muscles, or those that wrap around the sides.

But your core as a whole also involves invisible muscles like the deeper transverse abdominis and less celebrated muscles like those in your back. All of them together are critical for daily movements like standing up and sitting down, carrying groceries and walking up the stairs, says Walter Thompson, president of the American College of Sports Medicine. “If you remove your head, arms, legs and pelvis – everything else is the core,” he says. “When you add those other parts, you have to provide support and stability.”

A strong core is also key in injury and lower back pain prevention. “It is a sign of strong health when you have that flat stomach – I’m not saying a perfect stomach at all … but having a strong core is key for back health, for overall health, for being functional,”. Actually seeing that strong core also requires low levels of body fat, which generally correlates to better health.

How to remove belly fat: 6 proven ways

The creases on the abdomen not only look bad, but can also lead to diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, get rid of them as soon as possible.

To find out if you have problems with excess fat on your stomach, measure the waist circumference with a measuring tape. If you are a man, the result should not exceed 102 cm, if a woman is 88 cm. Those who have a larger number need to use one of these methods.

1. Do not eat sugar and avoid sweetened drinks.

2. Eat More Protein

3. Reduce carbohydrates in your diet

4. Eat fiber-rich foods.

5. Train

6. Watch what you eat.