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Push Press: Instructions, Form Tips and Benefits


How to Do Push Press

Push Press exercise trains the whole body, if you do everything correctly, your shoulders will look really big and powerful.

How to Push Press
How to Do Pushing Press

If you want to build big shoulders, then you need to include it in your training program pushing press this exercise came to the fitness from the crossfit with this exercise you can push more weight over your head than with a regular shoulder press.

If you want to increase not only your shoulders but also add volumes in the bench press, do it push press this will help you in everyday life, if you do not have competitions goals. Let’s look at this exercise in more detail.

Push Press Instructions

How to push press workout
push press workout

How to do a shoulder press:

  1. Stand straight, set the desired weight on the barbell;
  2. Lift the barbell and put down on your upper chest, while the elbows should be turned 180 degrees from you;
  3. Do a half-squat and with jerks pushing up the barbell over your head and straighten your arms;
  4. Do not hold the bar in the upper position, this will not give you anything immediately lower the bar to its original position on the chest;
  5. Perform the desired number of repetitions.

Push Press Form Tips

Correct barbell Grip

Basics: difference the pushing press from the classic shoulder press in that you need to hold the barbell without supports, let’s start with a grip. The palm grip should be closed, the arms should be slightly wider than your shoulders.

Power up

Beginners often make mistakes and do a deep squat before pushing the barbell over their heads. Start with your legs, bend them a bit, lift in an explosive motion while pushing the bar over your head.

As soon as you lift the weight over your head, immediately lower it towards you on the front of the shoulders, and immediately do the following repetition