Pecs Huge Exercises


Pecs Huge Exercises

1. Bench press

On the day of training the chest, the bench press lying becomes an unconditional favorite.

“This is a powerful muscle growth detonator,”.

He prefers a wide grip and uses the first approach with 20 reps as a workout. Add weight as you approach the final approach, in which you only do 10 repetitions, but with such a load that will really test your muscles for strength.

Tip: it’s important here not just to count repetitions. You have to work for wear, and really exhaust the muscles.

2. Incline Bench Dumbbell Bench Press

  • The advantage of working on a bench with a positive slope is the ability to shift emphasis on the upper bundles of the pectoral muscles.
  • Take heavy dumbbells and do 10-12 reps in the first approach.
  • In the second set, use the same working weight, but do it before muscle failure.
  • In each repetition, make sure that the elbows do not fall below the shoulders, and squeeze everything out of the muscles of the chest without a trace.

Tip: try to perform quality repetitions. All this is not for the sake of lifting weights. And not for the sake of satisfying ambitions. Your goal is to create a beautiful body.

3. Fly Dumbbells

Fly dumbbells helps you use more muscle fibers around your chest than bench presses. And for beginners, it generally improves the “neuromuscular connection” in strength training, allowing such more active use of the chest muscles in other exercises.

You will need two approaches to reduce dumbbells. In the first approach, stop at 10-12 repetitions, and in the second it is again worth bringing the muscles to failure. You should try to spread your arms really wide, and achieve a stretch. Feel it at the bottom and squeeze out all the juices from the muscles along the way up. Do not be afraid to push dumbbells together.

Tip: do everything slowly and in a controlled manner.