One Chest Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger


Chest Workout by Arnold Schwarzenegger

In training the pectoral muscles, Arnold went his own way. He did only bench presses and was fanatically devoted to push-ups on the uneven bars.

push-ups on the uneven bars
Chest Workout by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger said: The main 3 exercises:

  • Bench press;
  • Push-ups on uneven bars;
  • Dumbbells Fly.

Bench press

A bench press only at first glance may seem like a novice exercise to a beginner. You can do a bench press for years and you won’t get any weight gain in your pectoral muscles.

The fact is that in the bench press three muscles are involved at once – the pectoral muscles, the front bunch of deltas and triceps. Triceps is pumped when the elbow is extended. Conversely, when the elbow is bent, the triceps is in a relaxed state.

Now let’s try these rules on the bench press. It turns out that from the chest to the middle of the amplitude, you squeeze the barbell mainly by the force of the pectoral muscles, well, then the elbow extends, including the triceps, and they take away most of the load from the pectorals.
Arnold believed that there was no need to do a bench press in full amplitude. Press the barbell to the middle of the amplitude and immediately lower it again to the chest.

Why spend energy on the final extension of the elbows with triceps?

Push-ups on uneven bars

Arnold believed that the bench press should be modified in the interests of pumping on the pectoral muscles. So that the breasts are fully included in the work, you need to do a bench press to the first half of the amplitude.

Many take the push-ups on the bars as an exercise for triceps, but Arnold used it for purposeful training of the lower chest.

In this case, the body must be tilted forward strongly and in addition to lower lower – to the sensation of a strong stretching of the pectoral muscles. You do not need to yourself up until the elbows are completely straightened.

Again, the triceps will take on all the work. Perform push-ups in a shortened version – two-thirds of the amplitude, not more.

Dumbbells Fly

About Dumbbell Flys. I suggest picking up 45 kg dumbbells. No I am not joking says Arnold! Strength in dilutions arrives very quickly. You yourself will not notice how you get to the havy weight! Here is my pattern: the first set is 15 repetitions of 30 kg each, the second set is 15 repetitions of 40 kg each and finally the third set is 15 repetitions of 45 kg each.

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