Most Effective Eexercises for Oblique Abdominal Muscles


The most effective exercises for oblique abdominal muscles

Most Effective Eexercises for Oblique Abdominal Muscles
Most Effective Eexercises for Oblique Abdominal Muscles

Girls should not perform exercises to strengthen the oblique muscles of the press with weights – this will only add extra centimeters in the waist.

Effective exercises for the beautiful lateral abdominal muscles:

Plank – the most effective exercise to create a beautiful figure, helps to strengthen all the muscles of the abs and back. Stand on the socks and forearms – the body should form a straight line, without deflection. Begin with 30 seconds, daily increasing the duration of the exercise.

Side bar – helps strengthen the oblique and lateral muscles of the abdomen. Lie on your right side, lean on your elbow, raise the body. Put the other hand along the body or raise it up. The right leg rests on the floor, the left is located on top. Maintain a static position for at least 20 seconds.

Cross twisting – to take a half-sitting position, try to hold it exclusively with the muscles of the press. Bend your legs a little at the knees, lift – the calves should be parallel to the floor. Extend each leg in turn, while turning the body towards the bent leg. Do 2 sets of 15 exercises.

Lateral twisting – lie on your back, bend your legs, pull it to your chest. The upper part of the body should be fixed, the bent legs should be moved from side to side exclusively by the

To see the result faster, you should abandon fast carbohydrates, include more protein foods and fiber in the diet.

Strengthening the muscles of the press is impossible with diseases of the digestive and pelvic organs, with problems with the spine, after operations. You should refrain from exercises for the press during pregnancy, for 4-5 weeks after childbirth.