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Leg Press

Legs Workout
Leg Press

With the leg press in the gym, you can pump legs from all sides. We will analyze 3 options.

Option 1: the back of the thigh

We go to the simulator for leg press, put our feet on the platform so that the feet are on the edges of its upper part.

  1. We remove the safety stops and push up platform. Practice has shown that for many girls this is already enough at first. Then it’s already possible to add 5 kg, 10. Yes, such weights, but the way it is. The platform itself weighs about 35–40 kg, sometimes less.
  2. After you have correctly placed your legs and squeezed the platform, bend your legs so that your knees go to your chest. By the way, the knees need to be oriented to the sides, as are the toes. The wider you your knees, the deeper you can lower the platform. This is exactly what needs to be achieved, because the back of the thigh and the bottom of the buttocks will be involved in the upward movement.

Option 2: the front of the thigh, quadriceps Now you need to put your feet on the lower part of the platform, feet shoulder width apart or a little narrower. It’s not possible to lower the weight so deeply as in the previous exercise, your legs bend somewhere by 90 degrees. This is normal.

Option 3: kill two birds with one stone. You can put your legs in the middle of the platform. All the muscles will work, but this makes no sense, because the leg press is done after, for example, a squat, to load the part of the legs that needs it.

How much to do?

For girls, you need to choose one version of the exercise (depending on which muscles you want to pump) and do it in 3 sets of 15 times with small weights.

Most recommended option number 1. And you can do the whole complex, one type of bench press per approach. Or you can alternate between different ways of doing exercises on different days.