How to pump up the pectoral muscles in the gym?

How to pump up the pectoral muscles
pectoral muscles

The general strategy for working in the gym should be based on an understanding of technical issues and an adequate assessment of one’s physical condition.

To achieve the result, follow the expert recommendations:

  • The priority is basic exercises for the muscles of the chest in the gym. Muscles are built with multi-joint movements that involve several muscle groups at once. With the help of isolated exercises, the muscles are ground, various areas are worked out in detail (the pectoral muscles are divided into upper, central and lower zones).
  • The “base” should be performed at the beginning of the training, and the isolating movements – at the end.
  • In general, the number of weekly “chest” workouts (when working on split) is 1. Two classes per week are allowed for experienced athletes with specialization in this muscle group. But here, between trips to the gym, a minimum of 3 days should pass – the muscles need to be restored.

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  • The number of approaches and repetitions is variable and depends on the goals and capabilities of the athlete. The general recommendation is 2-5 exercises in one training session for 3-4 approaches, in each of which 8-15 repetitions. But experiments are welcome here – some grow from the “pump”, others require a forceful approach.
  • Most athletes lag behind the upper chest area, so you should not perform all the exercises on a regular bench without tilting.
  • When training with the barbell, work with different grip widths. With a wide grip, the external areas of the chest are loaded more, with a narrowing of the position of the hands, the load goes to the inner area, too narrow a setting of the arms develops not the chest, but the triceps.
  • When performing any exercise, make sure that the elbows at the top point are slightly bent, otherwise there is a high risk of injury. It also increases the emphasis on the development of the chest, not triceps.
  • Before carrying out working approaches, a thorough warm-up with a small, gradually progressing weight is mandatory. Otherwise, injuries are inevitable.

In addition, insufficiently warmed muscles are not capable of maximum results.