How to Build Chest | Guide


Upper Chest Guide


Do the program twice a week, resting between workouts for 2-3 days. If you are bored and generally want to train not only “for the sake of a big chest”, then on your days of rest, load your legs (you will get another 1-2 workouts). Alternate approaches designated as 1a and 1b, 2a and 2b, and so on. That is, having made approach 1a, rest for 45 seconds and do 2b. Rest for 45 seconds and return to exercise 1a. Do all the approaches, rest for 2 minutes and proceed to the next pair of exercises.

1a. Bench press

Grasp the bar with a standard grip wider than your shoulders. Bend your legs, lower and lower your shoulder blades, slightly bend in the thoracic spine and remove the bar from the racks. Bringing your elbows slightly to the body, lower the barbell to the lower part of the sternum and immediately return it to its original position. Make 3 sets: the first by 15 repetitions, the second by 10 and the third by 8, each time increasing the weight. In the last set, after 8 repetitions, reduce the weight of the barbell by 20% and continue the set as much as you can. important: make sure that the bar does not chatter back and forth, the bar should move in a straight line.

1b. Push-ups with dumbbell

Take a lying position with your hands on the dumbbells. Bending your arms, lower yourself, touch the chest of the floor and return to the starting position. Immediately pull the right dumbbell to your belt. Return the dumbbell to the floor, push it again and pull the left dumbbell to the belt – you will get 1 repetition. Make 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

2a. Incline Bench Dumbbell Bench Press

Lie on a bench, lift dumbbells over your chest. Bending your arms, lower the dumbbells to the sides of the body. Return to starting position. Make 3 sets: the first by 15 repetitions, the second by 10, the third by 8, each time increasing the weight of the projectile. In the last set, after 8 repetitions, immediately take the dumbbells 20% lighter and continue the set, making a maximum of repetitions.

2b. Dips

Go to Uneven parallel bars, straighten your arms, tilt the body slightly forward. Bending your arms, lower yourself: the shoulder joints just below the elbow. Return to starting position and repeat. Do 2 approaches, in each – the maximum number of repetitions.