Healthy and Fit Body


A beautiful, healthy and fit body is the best motivation.

Sport Motivation

How to make yourself play sports today? Hmm … Everyone has their own motivation for sports. Someone, watching the Victoria’s Secret show, wants a body like Elsa Hosk, someone like Adriana Lima. Someone felt that they were suffocating after three flights of stairs and decided that it was time to change this. Doctors recommended sports to some people in order to improve their health. Someone just wants to become stronger and more resilient, and someone fell in love with a guy from a nearby gym and decided to be like training.

As you can see, everyone has their own motivation for sports. It’s better to use universal tips that will make you play sports.

Start not with Monday

Each time we promise ourselves that we will go on a diet, begin to do morning exercises from Monday, a new month or year. Yeah, and where are all these promises? If you decide that you want to play sports, then do not put off until tomorrow – start moving in small steps today. Get up from the sofa, wipe the dust off the dumbbells and do 50 squats, 50 lunges, 10 push-ups. In extreme cases, go for a walk. Trainers and doctors say that 10,000 steps can easily replace a 30-minute run.

Buy a beautiful sport shape

It sounds corny, but a new and beautiful sports uniform will make you do it. First of all, you don’t like to waste your money, right? Secondly, it’s nice to train in beautiful clothes, you want to show them to everyone and everything, even if you still can’t boast of your body, like the Victoria’s Secret angels. Believe me, such fitness updates please the girl’s soul.

Make a plan

Believe me, if you do not track your progress, then you will easily lose your motivation for sports and refuse training. Weight can stand for several weeks. But this does not mean that you need to give up. If you’re pretty disciplined, download a fitness app that will spell out a clear workout plan. If you need someone who will push you and force you to train, go to the gym and hire a coach. He will draw up a detailed training plan and shake out not only extra pounds, but also your soul, if you miss at least one lesson.

In fitness applications, there are usually nutrition plans, so they are quite convenient. In addition, the successes you have achieved will be recorded, which cannot but motivate you to sport.

Take it step by step

Remember that “day one” in sports is a reference point. No need to immediately to follow at the athletes program. To achieve any goals it takes time and dedication, and the same thing in sport. Exhausting training for an unprepared body can be not only painful, but also harmful – you can get injuries and sprains. Therefore, do not expect that you will see abdominal cubes in a week. And even after two. Increase the intensity of classes gradually, starting with the simplest and most basic workouts. After a week, you can add dumbbells or, if you prefer running, increase the distance. So you will become stronger and more enduring and do not give up training halfway.

Make Challenges

Choose your training area and set a specific goal. For example, do 100 squats for a month. Or set yourself the task of running 5 km 30 days after the start of running classes. Plan by the end of the first week of training to push up from the floor 10 times from the legs, not from the knees, etc. Believe me, achieving such small goals motivates sports best. You feel that you are becoming stronger, and do not want to stop there.

Train less, but more often

Two workouts a week is a way to nowhere. Although this is good and excellent to begin with, it will not give the desired results. As a result, you will be upset and return to the former lifestyle. It’s better to do less, but more often. Arrange at least 15-minute mini-workouts once a day for different muscle groups. For example, on Monday – the press, on Tuesday – the legs, on Wednesday – the arms and chest. And so in a circle. This will help not to overload the muscles and you will quickly notice the results.

One day you can safely take for laziness, that is, rest. At this pace, you will not get bored and lose motivation.

Add an extra couple km

Decided to go in for sports? Then is not the time to be lazy. Instead of taking a minibus, metro, taxi – go the extra couple of kilometers. Or, after dinner, go for a walk. This will help to get rid of a couple of kg without much effort. Fighting the desire to return to old habits is already half the success.

Make training part of your life

You can’t set yourself the goal of “losing weight by the new year,” and after the holidays return to your old habits and lie on the couch again. So the lost weight will return. Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one is more than just a goal. If you just try to lose weight quickly, you will always be in the cycle of “start” and “stop”. And this is not good for your physical and emotional health.

Just eat right and add more activities to your life, then there will be nothing to weight loss. You will always be in perfect shape.