Grow Front | Rear | Mid – Delts Training


Do not miss delta training if you want separation and sharp proportions. If you skip this day, then you don’t care about the symmetry of the body. A V-shaped figure is not possible without large and round shoulders.

Delta training for grow
Delta – V-shaped figure

T-bar bench press with one hand kneeling – 8 reps

Use a special T-bar or just put a standard bar in the corner for emphasis. Place a mat or gym mat under your knees. Put the bar on your shoulder. Squeeze the bar vertically and forward. Lower the projectile for at least 2 seconds.

Keep your lower back and abs tense to protect yourself from injury.

  • 4 sets X 8 reps
  • rest between sets 1 minute

Sitting dumbbell bench press

  • straight, angled or bench press Arnold
  • 8 reps

dumbbell press

Set the back of the bench upright. Press the back of the head and back. Take the dumbbells and lift over your shoulders. Pull up dumbbells over your head in an arc. Lower dumbbells for at least 2 seconds

A large number of approaches in this exercise will make the shoulders separated.

  • 8 sets X 8 reps
  • rest between sets 45 seconds

Reverse Peck-Deck simulator – 15 reps

Sit in the simulator tightly pressing your chest to the back of the seat. Reverse the simulator arms back to the maximum reduction of the back delta. At this point, pause and smoothly return the handles back. Return to the starting position for at least 2 seconds.

Reverse Peck-Deck

Keep your hands parallel to the floor.

  • 3 sets X 15 reps
  • rest between sets 45 seconds