Exercising Leg Muscle Mass – Basic and Isolating Exercises

Leg muscle training
Basic and Isolating Exercises

Muscles of the lower body (legs and buttocks)

  • quadriceps
  • hip biceps
  • gluteus maximus muscle

The number of repetitions and approaches
The number of repetitions and approaches will depend on the purpose of the training.

– build muscle

8-12 reps in 3 sets with a working weight (plus a workout with light weights). In basic exercises (Squats, Romanian Lift, Lunges) there are fewer repetitions than in exercises on simulators.

– strength growth

3-6 reps for 5 sets.

If you are a beginner, then follow the recommended number of repetitions and approaches, observe how the body reacts. In the future, you can independently choose the number of repetitions necessary for you personally in each exercise.


Squat exercises

Exercise includes hip biceps, quadriceps and buttocks. The abs and back muscles help stabilize the upper body.

You can read more about calf training in this article.

Curl the legs in the simulator

Curl the legs

If you need to “finish” the biceps of the thigh, without overloading the back, then you can do bending the legs in the simulator.

The day after training the muscles of the legs, as a rule, walking and sitting is quite difficult. So that the legs do not hurt so much, you need to do muscle stretching at least 10-15 minutes at the end of the workout. After training, a hot bath and massage can help you (you can do self-massage using a special roller (foam roller) or even a tennis ball). The most important thing is to distinguish leg muscle pain from joint pain. If joints hurt, consult a doctor, the cause may be either improper technique and injury, or existing diseases.