Deadlift: a technique and exercises for stretching the necessary muscles


Stretching the Necessary Muscles!

Deadlift with Barbell

Deadlift is a great exercise to work on the back of your thigh. Life hack offers a detailed analysis of techniques and stretching exercises for target muscle groups.

In deadlift, in contrast to the classical and Romanian, the knees practically do not bend, and the body leans forward strongly. Due to this, the main load goes to the back of the thigh.

This basic exercise is great for those who want to workout the biceps of the thigh and buttocks.

What muscles work

When you bend your knees a little and take your pelvis back, your buttocks and hip biceps are stretched. When you take the bar off the floor, target muscle groups contract.

Also during the exercise, the quadriceps, extensors of the back and trapezius muscles are strained. They act as stabilizing muscles, tensing, but not changing the position of the body.

Deadlift Technique

  • Starting position
  • Feet shoulder width apart, arms slightly wider than shoulders. In order not to make a mistake with the width of the hands, navigate the notches on the bar.
  • The barbell should almost touch the shins. In this case, the feet will be located under the bar, somewhere around a third of the foot will be behind the bar.