Best Back Workout Exercises For Power and Strength


Best Back Exercises Tips

Wide grip block pull

Settle down on the simulator, putting your legs slightly bent on a support, and grasp the long handle (A) in your hands. Bend your back and raise your head. Bringing the shoulder blades, pull the handle to the middle of the abdomen (B). Hold a clear pause and return to starting position!

block pull


Important: do not round your back and do not tilt your head either forward or backward.

Hyperextension on Fitball

Lie belly on the ball, straighten your legs and cross your arms in front of your chest (A). Go down as far as the flexibility of the lower back allows you, and return to your starting position, trying not to lose balance (B). If the exercise seems too complicated for you, fix your legs under a fixed support.

Hyperextension on Fitball

Important: at the top of the movement, your body should be in line with your legs.

Lat pulldown

Sit on the simulator for vertical traction and grasp the handle. Bring the chest forward and shoulders up (A). Straining your back muscles, lower the entire shoulder girdle down, then bend your elbows and pull the handle to the collarbones (B). Avoiding jerking, return to starting position.

lat pulldown

Important: at the lower point, your forearms should continue the line of the cable to which the handle is attached.