Best Back Exercises – Back Workouts For Men


Workout for Back

Complex of exercises for back in the gym

In order to understand how to correctly swing the back, it is useful to know that there are deep and superficial muscles of the back. The first layer is formed by the broadest and trapezoidal muscles, the more deeply lying are the rhomboid muscles and dentate muscle.

Exercise for the back in the exercise room

Exercise for the back in the exercise room should not be combined with working other muscle groups, for example, muscle muscles. It is possible to combine with exercises on the shoulder belt (deltas), press. Insulated exercises on the back should always be performed after the basics exercises.


This is a basic multi-functional exercise for the back muscles in the gym, which is additionally loaded with almost all the main muscle groups.

  • At the beginning of the movement, the back is motionless, the weight is taken due to the tension of the muscles of the legs. Fully straighten the body, with the knees straightening last.
  • Lower the bar along the same path.
  • The back always remains flat, bending when leaning forward does not occur in the lower back, but in the hip joints.

T-Bar Row 

The t-bar row in the slope to the belt involves the latissimus and trapezius muscles of the back, as well as the back deltas and biceps.

  • Stay upright, put the legs on a convenient width, knees lightly bend. Lean and, without bending the elbows, take the bar directly with a grasp. Straighten by lifting the barbell.
  • Lean forward for about 30 degrees, lightly bent in the lumbar, the bar is located near the knee.
  • Pull the barbell to the lower abdomen, lifting the elbow back and lifting it up as much as possible, trying to work the back muscles, and not the biceps.
  • Keep at the highest point for 1-2 sec. and smoothly return the barbell down.

Dumbbell one arm row

The Row one hand dumbbell extends the lower edge of the widest muscles. It allows you to increase the amplitude of movement in comparison with traditional traction and to reduce the load on the spine.

There are 2 options for the original position:

  1. Standing sideways to the bench, place the left knee and leg on bench and arm down with dumbbell. Incline the your body horizontally, leave the right leg on flo
  2. Both legs are on the floor, left ahead of bench or the right and bent in the knee. Leaning with the left(right) hand in the bench, incline the body.
  • Pull the arm with the dumbbell to the belt to the angle of the arm at the elbow 90 degrees