Basic mistakes and rules when doing exercises for the muscles of the abs and core

Grow your Abs
Grow your Abs

Immediately start with the fact that the cubes on your stomach are more a result of nutrition than training.

How not to pump the press:

The most effective exercises for exercising your abs
There are only two of them in several variations:

  • twisting (on any flat surface, on a fitball, on an inclined bench, on a Roman chair without fixing legs);
  • reverse twisting (on a flat surface lying on your back, on a Roman chair, in the bars or with a hang).

Moreover, any of them makes the entire press work completely, and not separately the lower and upper cubes. Anatomically, this is a single muscle, the tuberous appearance of which is formed by tendon constrictions. The difference between exercises is only in emphasis – in the first case there is more tension in the upper part of the rectus muscle, in the second – in the lower.

Imagine that during the execution curl up, while the back should be rounded. The amplitude of movement is short, keep your hands in front of you in the case of twisting. In no case behind the head, as people in this position instinctively begin to pull their heads, trying to facilitate movement, which is fraught with injuries in the cervical spine.

During reverse twisting from the hang, the legs are bent at the knees and raised so that the angle between the thigh and stomach is 90 °. Next, raise the bent legs up to the chest, again, curling.

What happens if you twist your torso straight with your lower back curved or you lift too high? You do not strain the abs, but the biceps of the hips, partially the quadriceps and the iliopsoas muscle. The last moment is especially dangerous, since the spine is loaded too much, which can lead to injuries (protrusion and even hernia), not to mention muscle pain and back “clogging” (it costs a “stake”).

Raising your legs exactly in reverse twisting, you, similarly, strain your hips and iliopsoas muscle, overloading the spine and acting too weak directly abdominal.