Back Workout | Weight Tips


We return again and again to the crucial topic of strengthening the back. This time we will pay special attention to the latissimus dorsi.

Back workout

Pumping back muscles is not so difficult. With the right approach, back training can make your body much more attractive.

3 facts about the back that you should know

  • Growing a powerful back, you can burn more fat.
  • Pumping back muscles is harder than arm muscles
  • Every time in training, your lats become growing.

The more muscles you load during training, the more your internal fat burning system works. And what can be more than the latissimus dorsi, better known among the people as “wings”? Favorite exercises it is pull-ups – the main exercise for the “widest back muscles”, and your figure will always be as close to ideal. Especially if you don’t break the correct technique for performing traction exercises.

To emphasize the load on the back muscles, start any craving with a strong reduction of the shoulder blades and only then bend your arms at the elbows. Every time in training, your widest ones become larger. Any movement of the humerus involves these muscles, and under load, damaged areas of muscle tissue are gradually restored and thereby grow. To stay flexible, remember to stretch your back muscles daily – right after your workout or six hours after it.

1. Wide grip pull-ups

Hang on the crossbar, grasping it with a grip somewhat wider than your shoulders. Bring your chest forward, bring your ankles and look at the crossbar. Bringing the shoulder blades, pull up and try to touch the horizontal bar with the upper part of the chest. Without a pause, smoothly return to the starting position and repeat.

Important: ideally, the horizontal crossbar should touch the chest in the area of the collarbone or below.

2. One Hand Dumbbell Raise

Place your left knee and left palm on the bench, take a dumbbell in your right hand, straighten and slightly bend your back. Bringing the shoulder blades, pull the dumbbell toward yourself in an ascending arc. After a clear pause at the top, return to the starting position. Repeat as many times as needed.

Important: pull the dumbbell to the belt, not to the chest or mid-abdomen.

3. Inclined Barbell Row 

Take the bar with narrower grips than you are used to with the bench press. Take the pelvis back and lean forward so that the bar drops to the middle of the lower leg. Pull the bar on yourself and try to touch her lower abdomen. Without a pause, return to the starting position and repeat.

Important: to ease the load on the lower back, keep your legs slightly bent at the knees.