6 Pack Abs Myths

6 pack Abs Myths
6 pack Abs Myths

The most common and most erroneous opinion. The press or “rectus abdominis” is the same muscle as everyone else. In response to a double load, she will answer you with only one thing – hypertrophy. That is, under the layer of subcutaneous fat, the muscle layer will increase. As a result, your workouts will end up in a dead end, and the love of sports will evaporate under the heat of resentment and discontent. Two to three exercises of 15-20 repetitions at the beginning, 2-3 times a week are enough. And, of course, no one canceled the gradual increase in approaches and repetitions.

Myth Two: Consume Less Calories

Not quite a myth, but its interpretation is fundamentally wrong. Calories are different for calories! To prove this, an experiment was conducted in which two twin brothers participated. Both weighed at that time no more than 60 kilograms, but dreamed of gaining weight. Their usual diet was over 2000 kcal, which in itself is a lot, but the increase was not felt. Then it was decided to increase consumption to 3500 calories. Then one of the twins was included in the menu 200 ml of pure vegetable oil (and this is more than 1500 kcal!), While the second was increased the dose due to simple and complex carbohydrates. The result stunned everyone! With the same nutrition figures, the difference turned out to be over 5 kg. Guess who gained weight? Sure! Carbohydrates won! Therefore, the most important thing in weight control is to reduce the consumption of flour, sweet and starchy foods.

Myth three: cubes must appear

No. In any case, not at all. The female body is very different from the male in a number of physiological characteristics. The notorious lower abdomen, which is “burned” for hours by raising the legs in the hang and various swings, is a necessity and a gift of nature. Subcutaneous fat in this area leaves with such difficulty due to less sensitive nerve endings, which, in turn, are necessary to reduce the pain threshold during menstruation and childbirth. Therefore, cubes are an exception to the rule, rather than reality. A perfectly flat stomach is 10 or less percent of fat of the total body weight, but even in this case no one can guarantee you a “net”. This is a predisposition of the body, as well as the shape and number of cubes on the stomach.