4 Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises | Tips


Shoulder Exercises

How to achieve perfect shoulder shape with a pair of dumbbells and a great desire to become Superman.

Exercise Shoulder


1) Lateral Raises

This part of the workout can also be done at home. It is no longer basic, but aimed at working out the lateral surface of the deltoid muscle.

Lateral Raises

Initial position:

  • Stand straight and lightly lean forward.
  • Take the dumbbells and point the pikes down.
  • Performance tehnika:

Make a deep vdox. Raise shoulder with dumbbells on one the level.
The rear part shoulder be slightly lifted.
As you exhale, lower the dumbbells to their original position


You should try to enable cheating. Thinking about how to properly download the shoulders, direct the load only on them. Cheating includes other muscles and the results are noticeably reduced.

This is an isolated exercise that will handle the back of the delta.

2) Dumbbell Incline Raises

Initial position:

Get straight ahead, take dumbbell and lean forward towards a 45-degree angle.
Hands with dumbbells to put down, it is start point.

Dumbbell Incline Raises

Performance Technics:

  • Take a deep breathe. Fly the dumbbells to the side, trying to raise them as much as possible above.
  • Lower the dumbbells to their original position


At the end of the exercise, the front part of the dumbbell must be slightly inclined forward.
Keep the back straight, bend your back a little. round your back may result in injury.

3) Bench press Arnold

This exercise is a kind of bench press with dumbbells, but with the initial position in front of you. The efficiency of this bench press says that it was a favorite exercise of Apolnd Schwartzenegger, who, as it was known, achieved great heights in bodybuilding. Today the “Apnold Press” exercise is a classy bodybuilding.

Bench press Arnold

Initial position:

Sitting on a bench with an upright vertical back, lean onon her back.
Bend the legs in the knees at an angle, set them wide and firmly in the floor.
Lift the dumbbells by the level of the neck. Elbows bend under a straight angle.
brushes are turned palms to your body.

Performance Technics:

As you exhale, squeeze the dumbbells above your head vertically upwards so that your palms are turned outward

Take a short break.

As you exhale, return the dumbbells to their original position with your hands in front of you


  • Dumbbells need to be take in such weight to make the maximum number of repetitions
  • At the upper point, you not straighten your arms completely, always make your arms slightly bent.
  • Perform the dumbbell bench press smoothly without jerking.
  • Jerking can cause injury and strain on the spine.

4) Bench Press Behind the Head

It is also a basic training for the development of the shoulder girdle. It is carried out in a sitting position.

Bench Press Behind

Starting position:

  • Sit on a sports bench.
  • Bend your back slightly.
  • The grip is wide enough.

Technique of execution:

As you exhale, push the bar up. Hands should be fully extended.
On inspiration, lower the barbell behind the head.