2 Base Exercises for Legs



If you ask any girl that she would like to pump up by the summer, the most popular answer will be one legs and buttocks. A small part will say that she would like to tighten her tummy as well. Most dream of beautiful embossed legs and round elastic buttocks.


Leg and buttock training program for girls To begin with, we will analyze in detail the exercises for girls who are advisable to do in order to fashion slim legs.

1. Squats

It is in the plural that we gave the heading to this section. Because there will be at least two types of squats: Classic squat with a wide diagonal setting of the feet – for the buttocks and extensors of the legs.

2. Plie squats – for pumping the inner thigh. If you wish, you can also do the front squat, if you think that quadriceps should also be pumped up.\

The first exercise is as follows:

  • Take the bar for fitness (it is lightweight, just for girls). Of course, if you are an experienced athlete, you can use more weight.
  • Spread your legs wide and place your feet diagonally. This will redistribute the load, and make the buttocks work, not just the legs.
  • Barbell put on the trapezius muscles, straighten your back. Keep your head straight. Buttocks take back. On the side should be visible a good deflection in the lower back. If it is not, you need to do stretching for the lower back and the back of the thigh. Si
  • Squat down parallel to the floor, knees turned to the sides, feet, too.
  • Do 3 sets of 12–15 reps.

If you continue to gain weight, do it slowly. Keep in mind that if you switch to the power side of the exercise, i.e. using large weights, you run the risk of grow your legs more, instead of just making them neat and taut.

Plie squats (exercise No. 2) – in the gym can be done according to the following scheme:

  1. Place 2 steps next to or 2 stable benches. The distance between them should correspond to the width of your legs.
  2. Stand on their edges so that there is free space beneath you. It is necessary for the deepest squat. Turn your feet to the sides, and knees apart as much as possible. Lower your hands with a small dumbbell in front of you.
  3. Do 3 sets of 15 deep dumbbell squats.